Our Trip to Blackpool

The Band took to the Chara’ at 9;15 am on 25th Feb. for their trip to Blackpool and the NW Area contest. The Band played superbly and put down a challenge for the rest of the contestants but the adjudicators didn’t think so. However  the following poem by Louise reflects our attitude.

The Band on the Bus 24 February 2018

Shiny buttons, polished shoes,
No one dares to think the word loose.

Standards high top of their game,
The Band flirting with a pinch of Fame.

Trombones Fugal horns the alluring of Brass,
The Golborne Band courting with Class.

A competition of Brass with hardcore passion,
Not weak empty music which goes out of fashion.

We are a team, a family of players,
All individual a mass of exceptional layers.

Proud to be part of Golborne Brass Band,
And today we are one and one we will stand.

By Louise McNamee